Bridgwater Carnival - 2020 - Cancelled
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The Bridgwater carnival first modernised in 1881 and was originally lit by lamps.

Electric lights were first introduced in 1913.

The carnival now consists of a display of over 40 large vehicles up to 100 feet long, filled with dancers and up to 22,000 light bulbs, that follows a 2.5-mile route over two to three hours.

Bridgwater Carnival now attracts around 150,000 people from around the West Country, UK and globally. Parking from the M5 is well sign posted and plentiful, and managed by the committee in association with Avon and Somerset Police. Public access grandstands were introduced in the mid-1990s, which have increased in popularity over recent years.


The purpose of the carnival is to raise money for local charities from money collection carts in the procession. Between 2003 and 2007, around £115,000 was raised at Bridgwater Carnival.

The town centre is closed from 8am and the carts start to line up on the Parkway from about 10.30 am .

The Procession starts at 6 pm but the roads into Bridgwater are normally closed at about 4 pm due to the amount of people coming to the Carnival..

Some people line the streets 2 hours before the procession starts to get front row seats

And please everyone be prepared for delays.

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