The Bridgwater Town Council started thinking about having a swimming pool in about 1865 but discussions were in vain, it wasn’t until 1890 when a Rev Father Scoles a Roman Catholic Priest decided that the town needed some baths and went ahead and built one at his own expense.

It was in June 1890 that Bridgwater was at last to have its own Swimming Baths, the Rev Father Scoles, Roman Catholic priest of this town is however going to provide this long felt want.

He purchased a field adjoining St Saviours House on the Old Taunton Road and here he constructed forthwith a large open bath with graduated concrete bed, measuring 100ft by 35ft and surrounded by suitable dressing rooms and offices.

The water was to be supplied from the Brook which runs close by and it is also contemplated to make two large tanks to receive and supply salt water from the river.


It was in 1937 that the idea of a new swimming pool was first thought of due to the fact that the present one in Old Taunton Road was considered unhealthy by a local councillor and also due to the fact that the new by-pass was also being considered at the time now the Broadway. which would go right through the old pool.

It would still take 20 years though until 1956 when the new by-pass was about to be built that the Lido was finally to become a reality as the new Broadway Bridge was being built which would go right through the old pool on Old Taunton Road.

The Lido was first opened in July 1959 and was due to be officially opened later that same year by Princess Alexandra but she was already committed to other duties so it was opened by the Mayor Alice Potterton in April 1960. Princess Alexandra later visited the pool in 1961 and unveild a Plaque to commemorate her visit.


Lido closed for good in September 1990.

The shutters went up on the Lido last week as the new multi-million pound leisure pool in Mount Street begins to take shape.


The Sedgemoor Splash which is Somerset's first purpose built leisure pool was opened to the public on Thursday 28th March 1991 and was instantly acclaimed a winner.

The £4.2M scheme on a town centre site at Northgate has suffered a few setbacks during building but on Thursday councillors enjoyed a civic swim before letting in 50 of the town youngsters free of charge to experience a host of spectacular facilities including a wave machine, slide and flume.  

Chairman of Sedgemoor District Council Mrs Julie Hooper said the new pool would be a huge success “It is fabulous and people will come from far and wide , it is certainly the best pool I have ever swum in”  

Sedgemoor Splash was officially opened by HRH Princess Diana on Tuesday 16th April 1991

The Sedgemoor Splash was closed for good in August 2009 and was completely demolished by the end of the year in December 2009
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