Mr Colin Wilkins was a Bridgwater entrepreneur was the donor of the Bridgwater Cup.

The perpetual trophy is awarded each year to a person or organisation who is judged to have done most for Bridgwater in the preceding 12 months.

The Cup is awarded every year by the Bridgwater Town Council to an individual or couple for their significant voluntary contribution to the town and the lives of its citizens.

It was donated by Mr Colin Wilkins in 1983 and it is usually on display at the Blake Museum.

The winner receives a replica of the cup or a plaque as a memento.

Mr Colin Wilkins who originally wished to remain anonymous but when his identity became known he consented to present the cup formally to Sedgemoor District Council which will have the responsibility for selecting of a winner each year.

Mr Wilkins said:” I obtained the cup among the assets of a company.
“I thought that many people around Bridgwater do more than their fare share for the town and that it would be a nice gesture to give it to the local authority for presentation each year to a person or organisation who has given this sort of extra service.”

The trophy, a beautiful example of Georgian silver-gilt made in London in 1768 and was received on behalf of the council by the chairman Mrs. Lillian Cartwright.

The council set up a panel to consider nominations for the award of the cup and they are invited through advertisements in the press.

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