A meeting held on Saturday 18th March 1972 agreed that a Civic Society for Bridgwater and District be initiated, that a draft constitution be adopted and that application be made for registration of the Society with the Civic Trust

Mr Mignot, Minister of Monmouth Street Methodist church who had moved the resolution, said he had been speaking two days earlier with a young lady who had spoken with enthusiasm of seeing bees in her garden.

She had come from a part of England where bees and butterflies and other aspects of natural wild life had virtually disappeared..

The first meeting of the society was held at Bridgwater and District Arts Centre at 7.30pm on the 26th April when officers and committee will be elected and future plans discussed.

The Mayor of Bridgwater, Cllr Mrs Irene Tester presided and was supported by the Chairman of Bridgwater Rural Council, Mr. Farnham Edwards.

Mr Derek Gibson, Hon. Secretary of the steering committee said he did not think it was any secret that there was a conflict of interest among those involved in the visual environment.
They tended to work in water-tight compartments, including council committees.

He suggested that when the new districts were set in being in 1974, the answer to this problem could be the establishment of a director of the environment who would co-ordinate the activities of the various bodies.

Could we not as general public give a lead to our future councillors” he asked. He instanced the recent outcry in the press about the dumping of poisonous wastes and the very quick passing of legislation through parliament.

The formation of a civic society at Bridgwater would serve as a useful lead in the kind of ideas it projected and he hoped the future planning authority would see fit to consult with the society.

Mr. J. F. Lawrence a local historian, who said his own interest was in architecture and open spaces, suggested that plaques could be erected where appropriate, drawing the attention of visitors to historical places. One could be erected in Dampiet St for example stating that Coleridge preached there. “We must also consider that we have one or two buildings which we must try to preserve. It is not going to be easy as the years go by”

It was also agreed that members of the public who wish to become members may enrol by contacting Mr Angus Dunn
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