In 1857 the Bridgwater Borough Council petitioned parliament for a cannon to be put in town which was granted and it was placed outside the Town Hall, this proved to be unpopular with locals and was eventually placed on Salmon Parade.

In August 1886 when it was moved to the junction of Bath & Bristol Road in front of the Cross Rifles public house, which then became known as the Cannon junction and now the Cannon roundabout.

The Russian Cannon was moved to the new site of Bath and Bristol Road junction in 1886 due to the fact that the new Y.M.C.A building was being erected very close by.

It was subsequently sold for scrap in July 1940 and not replaced for a long time.

The Russian Cannon was put in Salmon Parade opposite the home of Denis Heron who fought in the Charge of the Light Brigade at the battle of Balaclava.

It was probably done in his honour as he had captured a Russian Cannon in battle and tried to bring it home,but with six of his soldiers on horseback it proved too heavy to bring home.

A replica of a ship's cannon has since been made and placed back on the roundabout as a reminder. This is not the same as the Russian Cannon which would have been much larger.

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