Bridgwater Admiral Robert Blake Statue
Description - Plaque - Robert Blake

The unveiling ceremony of the Blake Statue took place on Thursday 4 October, 1900 by Lord and Lady Brassey along with their supporters from a raised platform in front of the statue which was covered in a Union Jack. The weather had not damped the enthusiasm of the crowds and very pronounced was it when Lord Brassey and others appeared on the dais, the scene being rendered more inspiriting when the Volunteer band struck up with “Rule Britannia.”

There were many introductions and speeches before Lord Brassey, K.C.B., performed the unveiling ceremony. His lordship turned towards the statue and having pulled the lanyard the Union Jack in which the figure was enshrouded fell to the ground and the magnificent image of Blake came into view of the great assembly amid tremendous cheering, whilst the Volunteer band struck up with the refrain, “See the conquering hero comes.”

The statue stood in the same place in front of the Cornhill Exchange for 86 years until the council thought that it would enhance the area if the statue was moved just across the road on the other side of Cornhill as it would be the first thing that people visiting the town would see as they walked up the Fore St towards the Cornhill.

The first mention of the moving of the statue was in August 1984 when they were going to turn Fore Street into a pedestrian precinct and Blake Statue would be a good feature there at a cost of £500, but two years later in March 1986 and at a cost of £5.850 at the time of the move.

The whole project of turning Fore Street into a pedestrian precinct cost £46,168.


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